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AppCode 3.1 EAP 发布,此版本开始大力支持 Swift。今年夏天,Apple 大会之后,我们宣布支持 Swift 代码基础编辑和代码高亮功能。EAP 重要改进如下:可以在现有的项目中创建基于 Swift 的项目或者新的 Swift 文件;同时还解决了 Swift 代码相关的一些问题;

导航选项能帮助你快速在代码的两个地方切换,对于 Swift 代码,AppCode 现在支持:

Go to Class (Cmd+O):

Go to Symbol (Alt+Cmd+O):

Navigate to declaration of symbol at caret (Cmd+B).

Swift 被创建的时候,可以解析并且兼容 Objective-C,所以 Swift API 可以在 Objective-C 和 vice versa 中使用。此次 EAP 构建支持 Objective-C-to-Swift 解决方案。

当前版本对 Swift 的一些限制:

AppCode doesn’t provide you with compile warnings in the editor.

Completion is now working only for the keywords.

Code formatter for Swift is not ready yet.

External parameter names, shorthand names and tuple element names are not resolved correctly yet.

While Swift classes are resolved correctly in Objective-C code, usages of methods are not; we plan to improve this in the nearest updates.

 Inline Variables View

UI 改进

smarter Backspace key


Symbolic breakpoints are now available in AppCode.

Find in Path improvements: starting with v3.0, AppCode allows you to search through comments and string literals. In 3.1 EAP, you can also search anywhere except any of these or except both.

Git integration was updated with the Reset Current Branch to Here action in Git Log.

Rollback action is now available for a code selection via Alt+Cmd+Z or left-gutter menu. It will revert the exact selected block but won’t touch other code containing changes.

同时还有一些性能提升和 C++ 改进。完整修复列表请看 issue tracker。请大家注意,系统最低要求已修改:最低支持 OS X 10.9 和 Xcode 6.1。

此版本现已提供在 our EAP page。

Develop with pleasure!
The AppCode Team

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